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Tiny Robot
toio cubes seem to be just cute toys but are also full-scale programmable robots.
Simply combining the two example codes 'chase' and 'keyboard-control', a toio core cube can chase another cube controlled with a keyboard. The two cubes are connected through Bluetooth to my Mac running Node.js.
Spreading all the additional paper mats sold at switch-science.com my toio cubes have 12x space to move around.

One more toio core cube joined. The first cube is controlled with a keyboard. Other cubes chase the cube in front of them.

Code: github.com/yoshiyukinakai/toio-examples
Fake Selfie
You can selfie in front of a nice background with this web app no matter where you are. Your image will be processed on your device without being sent to remote servers. TensorFlow.js and BodyPix model are used to segment persons from an image.

Code: github.com/yoshiyukinakai/selfie
Pedestrian Simulation
Developing a commuter simulation game using HTML and JavaScript. Press left/right cursor key or swipe anywhere on the touch screen to overtake other commuters.
Cheatsheet Translation
Three cheatsheets of Stanford's CS 230 were translated by a team of Machine Learning Tokyo including me. The original cheatsheets cover several more classes at Stanford. You can help the translation into multiple languages on GitHub.
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